Friday, August 5, 2011

Fabric, Quilty Antiques and a Finish Friday!

When I saw these fabrics on etsy, I couldn't resist. These fabrics are so me, and they were a good deal for such nice fabrics. Each is a 1/2 yard.

I also picked up this pin cushion/ thread holder. I've never seen these before and fell in love. I have put several of these in my favourites on etsy. (I may have ordered a second one that was on sale). This was the only one I saw that held 12 spools. Most of them held 6.

This one also came with the scissors included on the back. It's a little bigger than I thought it was going to be and is currently sitting on my quilt table.

My last etsy purchase was this little guy. For only $10 (plus shipping) I figured why not. It is missing the top handle but everything else is good.

Kids thought it was cool how it opened up. Not sure what I am going to put in this yet. Hope to take some time this weekend to fill it up.

My husband was out of town this week (comes home tonight). My sewing area eventually spread to the living room and here one of the barstools has become full of fabric and projects. I was up til after midnight last night, cutting and picking fabrics and the chair is now empty.

A finished quilt! I can't remember the last time I finished a quilt. Its been too long. I finished the binding this morning. This was such an easy quilt. 1 Chrysalis layer cake sewn together. I like how it came out. Still needs to be washed.

After stitching along all the rows, I free-motioned leaves all over.

Looks good with the couch.

And our bed. 

Just fits on top.

All folded at the the bottom of the bed waiting for my husband to come and wonder why we need a quilt  on such hot summer night. I don't care, I love it.

I know I was suppose to post Wednesday about why I quilt. Wednesday was just too crazy and the post didn't get written. I'll share tomorrow. This is how I multi-tasked today - kids working in their summer learning books, I'm cutting fabric and chatting with my husband on skype while he waits for his plane to board. I've discovered the counter is the perfect cutting height for me. I think I'll be doing all of my major cutting there from now on. I guess I will have to keep it clean and clear of those piles of papers that just seem to appear.

And since I finished a quilt, I bought myself one more thing (bought it last Friday but it arrived today). A Terrain layer cake. I have loved this line since I first saw peeks of it a couple months ago. So happy to have just a little bit of it (for now). 

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  1. oooh, i've been droooling over Terrain since i first saw it too! i also do all my major cutting on our island.. it's the perfect height for me too :) i also love the thread/needle holder... so cute! what size are the thread spools that it will hold? just the little ones? i've been looking for a thread holder.. a friend has one that mounts to a wall, looking much like a spice rack, but it has all the spots for spools. i just got the last fabric in the mail that i need for Ellia's birthday quilt, so hopefully i will have a finish in the next week or two as well :)


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