Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday is a work in progress

Of all the things I take pictures of, the most difficult to get right is anything with yarn. It never seems to turn out the right colour.

 Here is a blanket I am working on. A custom blanket, requested to be Granny Smith Apple green. And it is, in real life. This is close, but kind of dull. No flash.

 Here is the same blanket taken with the flash. Way too bright. For every good yarn picture I get, I must take at least 5. I've tried taking pictures at different times of day and different places - although I don't take them outside until they are completely finished. I would hate for the yarn to fall in some dirt or for the piece to come off the needles/hook.

 Here are the socks for my sister. I finished the heel to the first sock last night. This picture was taken with the flash and is close to the right colour, a little dull but close.

 Here they are with out the flash. Hard to see the stitches and the colours look blah. Oh well, I guess taking pictures of yarn is a work in progress.

 My quilt table overloaded with 5 projects waiting to be quilted and some other projects that I am playing with instead. Maybe I'll tackle this tonight.

But I think I will just look at this.

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  1. Loving that knitting - what kind of stitch are you using there?


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