Thursday, February 17, 2011

Count'em, 1,2,3!

There they are... 3 finishes!Don't they look nice all stacked together?

 First up is the quilt my sister designed. Unfortunately, until she decides to make the design public, I can't show you the whole thing. Here is part of the middle. I free-motioned evergreen trees in the background. Most of the fabrics in this quilt are from the "Greetings from Canada" line that came out a couple years ago. I have been hoarding them and finally decided to use them for this quilt. I am the tree in the middle (alone with my immediate family in the U.S.) while the rest of my family back home in Canada are the trees around me - although you can't really see them, I know they are always there for me. (Yes, I miss them all very much).

 Here is the back. More Canada fabric. You can see the quilting I did on the big tree in the middle. Although the tree has rounded edges, I quilted it to look more like the evergreens in the background. Thanks Sarah for a great pattern.

 Finish #2 is this baby quilt for my etsy shop. I completed it last night, but it took at least an hour longer than I had planned. I broke 2 needles. It's been awhile since I broke any. Of course by the end I was using the wrong needle but all I had left was the binding so I went for it. Hope to run out tonight for some more needles. The reason for the broken needles? I had started a new thread and for some reason it kept getting caught when it got to the bottom of the spool.

 Close-up of the quilting. Free-motioned flowers in the border. It is the grey thread I used for these flowers that was causing all the trouble.

 Finish #3. Custom crocheted blanket. A woman's granddaughter requested my pattern but made with Granny Apple green and a hot pink border.  I hope she likes it.

 Finally got it outside this afternoon for some pictures. I think the green is perfect.

The back.

 Oh, and this is what is waiting for me. There are 4 quilts piled waiting to be finished. Plan is to baste them tonight and perhaps start one. The rest of the pile will be tackled tomorrow for Friday night Sew-in, and finished up next week (fingers crossed).

Haven't signed up yet? Head on over, Friday Night Sew-In is tomorrow night!

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  1. Love the green and pink afghan... it IS bright, isn't it?

    Looking forward to my sewing project tonight for the FNSI.... and seeing what everyone accomplished the next day!


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