Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up and some frustration

 A kid size design board. I let my daughter use a bulletin board placed on the floor to play with her rail fence blocks. This is her final design. Hope to get this sewn together soon as the board, although portable, is always getting in the way.

 Here are the 2 baby boy quilts all quilted. I just stitched in the ditch around the blocks. A lot of the fabrics are pretty busy and I couldn't think of anything to quilt on them. Just waiting for their bindings and a wash, a photo shoot and then they will be in the shop.

Borders and bindings cut and ready to be used.

 Here is the frustration part of the weekend. Knitting in general was frustrating this weekend. I finished my cardigan and all the doubting thoughts I had while I was knitting it came true. It's a little small around the chest. The pattern came in only one size. I may try it again going up a few needle sizes to get one that fits me. This is now going to be a gift. I'm going to offer it to my SIL who has a smaller frame than me.

 Isn't the sock beautiful? I got this far Friday night, knitting through the family movie and then until almost 3am while watching the women's final of the Australian Open (Woohoo for Kim Clijsters). Why am I showing the outside of the sock when I know my sister reads this blog? Because I am unhappy with how this knitted up at the cuff and heel. The body of the sock looks fine, and I used the needles they suggested and the gauge was right. Unfortunately I don't think it was right for this yarn.

 Here is the cuff stretched out. It looks worse in person. The stitches look so loose. I even tried the sock on (which is incredibly hard to do when it is still on the needles). They feel like they will stay up but I just didn't like them.

 The gusset made me feel even worse about them. These socks are suppose to be a gift! Yuck.

 So, I went through my patterns and had picked out several I thought might work. Started one with the second ball of yarn (leaving the first sock together for now). Just didn't feel right. Took it apart. Started another, but after reading so many different patterns, I accidentally cast on 8 extra stitches. So after I was done the 15 rounds for the cuff and started the pattern... I had to take it apart, again. Ugh. The above picture is what I finally got cast on Sunday evening. Right amount of stitches that are staying nice and tight. It's amazing the difference going from 3.25mm to 2.25mm makes. Smallest knitting needles I have worked with yet. Here's to hoping the rest of it goes smoothly. I must really love my sister.

My 5 year old son took this blurry picture of me finally taking the first sock apart this afternoon. It felt really good to unravel it.


  1. Don't you hate it when you think something is going to turn out wrong and it does, despite following the directions exactly? I know I do...

    Good luck with your knitting... the socks are beautiful...

  2. ugh! And to think it was the pattern that they suggested to use! So sorry the socks are causing you so much trouble. They will be loved!!!


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