Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting ready for the weekend (and the week ahead)

 My knitting progress this week. I have about 45 rows left on the cardigan. It will only have one button at the top (it is not meant to meet in the middle anywhere else). I have also got a few inches of my sister's sock knitted. The sock is inside out in the picture - it's really pretty the right way but she'll have to wait until her birthday. Still trying to decide which project to work on while we watch our family movie tonight.

 Got my daughter's strips cut. There are 42 squares for a 6 x7 quilt top.  I played with them a little but the final design will be up to her. Hope to finalize the design this weekend and help her sew some of it together.

 Here are some projects for next week. 2 baby boy quilts basted and ready to be quilted for my etsy shop. It's been way to long since I added anything new to it.

 I need to attack this pile! On top is the Laundry quilt I was working on at the beginning of this month that got set aside while I finished my UFO for the challenge. I have even started to quilt it, just need to finish it. What else is in that pile? 1 baby girl quilt that needs borders added, 2 small/child size lap quilts (tops complete, just need to be quilted), and the quilt top from testing my sister's pattern last week. I'd like to have this pile done and most of it listed in the etsy shop by this time next week (the one from my sister's pattern is for me to keep). Judy pulls a new UFO number on Tuesday and I know I will want to start on it (whatever it is) so I am trying to finish up these little projects.

How's my diet going? STILL haven't bought any fabric! Am I making a list of what fabric I am going to buy when this diet is over? Of course I am! Go check out how everyone else's diet is going and wish me luck for next week.

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