Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up and a Challenge

 Jumper is finished! Everything turned out the right size except the neck, which was a little too wide. I used some decreases with the single crochet edging and was able to make it a bit smaller.

 I also decided to get rid of the little "v" that was in the middle of the front and made it a little "o" instead. I think this helped make it a little smaller. You can find the pattern for this jumper, here.

 I finally got around to putting the buttons on the tree quilt this weekend.  There are almost 40 buttons.

 Some of my favourites are these 2 snowman buttons that my mother gave me a few years ago. There is one on each side of the trunk.

 The cardinals. There are 7 of these at points on the tree, including the very top.

 Ribbon trees! I finished the 2 little ones on Christmas Eve, but ran out of ribbon for the big one. I bought some more ribbon on holiday clearance after Christmas and finally got them pinned in Saturday night. You can find out how to make your own, here. I might make some of these for gifts next year.

It's that time again! Go to Amy's blog and sign up. My challenge for this week is to finish quilting my UFO challenge basket quilt that got ignored this weekend while I finished other things. I have also challenged myself to test a pattern for my sister.

Here's a sneak peek of the pattern.

And the fabrics I picked to make it. I am finally using some of my "Greetings from Canada" fabrics that I have hoarded the last couple years. I think it will look great.

And if I don't get anything done the next few days, Friday Night Sew-In is this Friday! I've signed up, have you?

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  1. LOVE your ribbon trees! One can come to my house:) Your fabric choices look great. Congrats on getting the buttons on your tree. I just decided last night what to make our niece for her birthday.


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