Saturday, January 8, 2011

There's progress, and then there's PROGRESS!

I was going to do a post last night to show the progress I had made this week. I took pictures Friday morning planning to post in the evening when I had more uninterrupted time. Instead of posting on Friday evening, I did some more work. Now you can really see the Progress I made.

Here's what I was going to post yesterday. All the fabrics for my UFO challenge (basket quilt), all ironed and pieces cut. Now this is what I did last night...

I sewed the blocks together and then ended up piecing the whole top! Love it. The fabrics I had planned changed as I was cutting. I hadn't planned on using the brown squares but nothing else seemed to go. Now to decided on the quilting.

I love the baskets. I was forced on size by the center fabric. I only had a small piece of it and the biggest square I could cut from it was 7 inches, finished, so my baskets had to fit in a 7 inch square too. So, that is what I started with. I really like how the handle turned out. I think it looks a lot like the baskets my sister designed, which you can check out here (I swear I designed this before looking at hers). She gave me the center fabric, the background fabric for the baskets and the above brown basket fabric for my 30th birthday and I have been saving them for a special project.

The other basket. This basket fabric is from my stash. The brown polka dot fabric is of course from the remnant bin at JoAnn's (what would I do without the remnant bin?) The outer green border is some of my favourite fabric which I used  in the Twiggy quilt I made for our bed last fall, which you can see in this post here.

Wednesday, I made a quick trip to JoAnn's to pick up needles for my niece's present. I knew I wouldn't get the scarf done in time. Here's what I completed between Wednesday evening and Friday morning.

I was able to get a bit more done Friday during the day and during our family movie Friday evening.

So, with a trip to JoAnn's on Wednesday, was I able to resist and stay on my Fabric Diet this week? YES! I didn't go on the fabric side of the store, even though the remnant bin was calling my name. I resisted, bought the knitting needles and left.  Maybe it's because my husband was with me. Head over to Cut to Pieces to read how others did this week. Thanks Angela for this great challenge.

After I pieced the basket top Friday night, I kept going on my "Little stack of things I need to finish and get off my quilt table". First, was adding borders to this laundry day quilt. The borders have been cut and waiting for a couple months. Not sure why I kept moving this project around. Now I just need to quilt it. And iron it.

All this table runner needed was the binding. Done!

I know.  It's a Christmas table runner. It will be a present next Christmas or go in the etsy shop in October or maybe a Christmas in July. There will be more Christmas themed finishes over the next couple weeks as there are a couple things I didn't finish in December.

Here's to Progress!

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  1. Wow! Great progress. Love your basket quilt. Congrats on the new needles and staying on your diet:)


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