Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Works in Progress

Here are my 3 main projects for this week.

This is what is under the needle right now.

This was the mystery quilt for the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild last year. It was suppose to be a Christmas gift for one of my nieces last year but when I realized I wouldn't get it done in time I set is aside.

Found it when I was reorganizing my projects here in Idaho and decided it needed to get finished. The stitch-in-the-ditch had been completed and I had decided to do free motion stippling on all the white fabric but had only done a couple blocks. I have been working on this for the past 2 days and only have a few blocks left to quilt. I will also be adding some quilting to the centre of the blocks.

Feels good to finally get this quilt under the needle again.

My daughter's Hummingbird quilt. The applique has been fused on and is now waiting to be quilted. I need to work on the previous quilt to have enough pins for this quilt.

I am not putting any batting in this quilt but am using some polyester fleece from the remnant bin to make the back. Everything is ready to go, just need the pins to keep it together.

My sock. I love it. I can hardly wait to wear it and make the second one. I had some trouble turning after the heel to do the instep but everything turned out alright and I absolutely love it.

Aren't the stitches beautiful? And the yarn is so soft. I want to knit myself another 6 pair so I never have to wear store socks again.

Time to get back to it. Just another inch and a half and then I start shaping the toe.

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  1. Your daughter's hummingbird quilt is cute -- is that a panel, with the bigger flowers and the hummingbird appliqued on? Cute! Love your sock, too!! :)


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