Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Finished!

I finished the quilt this morning. Here is the front (photo taken my my 4 year old son).

My son also took this picture of the back.

I used some of my favourite fabrics on the back and the front. It is the "Twiggy" pattern. It used to be available on the Fat Quarter Shop free pattern page but not anymore. I got it from the Sewn website (it's at the bottom).

In its new home. it fits perfectly. 

I designed and added these borders so we had enough to cuddle up in.

I also added the birds. 

The quilt top was ready over a year ago and has been waiting to be finished. I had planned on finishing it for my birthday last September, but that didn't happen. After we moved to Idaho last month I refound it and decided to finish it for my birthday this year. Again it didn't happen but I did get the borders created, and pinned the leaves and birds in place. When Amy put up her one thing one week challenge I decided to finish it. It seemed rather daunting but I did it. One thing I did differently with this quilt, was when it came time to applique the leaves and birds on, I did so with the batting and quilt top together. When I had to make the final quilt sandwich to quilt the whole quilt, it made it easier to put 2 layers together, instead of making sure all 3 layers were flat. I don't plan on making another big bed quilt anytime soon and it was nice to make something to keep. Tonight will be the first time I will sleep under one of my own quilts. I can hardly wait.

Go check out Amy's blog and take a look at all the other completed challenges.


  1. Do I detect a (literally) supportive husband?

  2. Great job. How lovely to sleep under one of your own quilts. I've only slept under ones my grandmother made. I haven't made one bed size yet...

  3. That's awesome! Sleep warm tonight!

  4. Congrats on a great job! And another UFO was converted...don't you just love Amy's challenge?

  5. Congrats! You did a great job-- it is a wonderful finish.

  6. Great job, sis. 14 years and counting and I'm still not sleeping under one of my own quilts! Hopefully next year!


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