Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Progress Report

This is what my sewing space looked like yesterday. String block quilt on the floor, string blocks being made at the machine. Oh, and my computer is sitting there so I could watch the men's final of the U.S. Open.

Close-up of the mess. Nadal won, of course. I'm going to have to look into watching hockey online this season.

I did finish the holiday trees quilt this weekend. Only a sneak peek as this is my sister's pattern, but the binding proves it is finished.

I started quilting the baby quilt for etsy and decided I no longer liked the quilt top or how I was quilting it, so I set it aside for now. Yesterday I got out 2 other baby quilt tops that I had put together in Michigan but didn't get quilted. They have been ironed, as well the backing fabric and binding is ready to go.

I did get 3 sting blocks done yesterday. I think this photo was meant to go the other way, sorry.

I tackled this pile of strings today. The bag contains all the long, wide pieces I use for the middle. I cut these into the correct sizes and set aside 35 for the next 5 rows (then I'll be done). I also went through and picked out long ones that I use for the strings beside the middle string.  I cut up some other pieces that were waiting to be trimmed into usable strings. Only have 7 foundation squares cut right now, so I need to cut another 28 of those. We'll see what the day brings.

Oh, and the backing for my birthday quilt was also pieced this weekend and the batting was laid out yesterday to "relax". Once I finish quilting the 2 baby quilts, the birthday quilt will be under the needle. I also finished my second sock but since I can tell the difference between the first and the second (tension is a little tight at the top and stitches not as nice at the heel and toe), I have started a third sock to be paired with the second sock. The first sock may be taken apart to help make the third one if I run out of yarn. I'm still pretty excited though that I knitted a pair of socks!

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