Friday, September 10, 2010

Too Many Tea Towels

When you move and reorganize, sometimes you discover you have a lot of one thing. Like tea towels. We had some we received as wedding shower presents that have spent the last 9 years in a box.

Like these 2 tea cup tea towels.

I even use them as hand towels in the kids bathroom. But what am I suppose to do with them all?

Then I came across this in my sewing day calendar.

Tea towel rug #1.

Tea towel rug #2.
I used an old beach towel for the back.

#1 being used in our bathroom on the little square of tile outside the shower. Has proven to be very useful. Just hang it over the shower curtain to dry if it gets too wet.

#2 actually being used in the kitchen. Benefit I didn't think of until I needed it - when you drop a bit of water on the floor, just use your foot to drag the rug over it, dry it up and place back by the sink.

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