Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Plans

Quilt this baby blanket for the etsy shop.

Quilt this holiday wall hanging.

Sew these two pieces of fabric together to make a backing for...

... this quilt. This quilt was suppose to be a birthday present to myself last year but didn't get finished. Now my birthday for this year is a week away so I thought it was time to try and finish it again. I have made borders for it and the binding strips are piled on top. Batting is bought and if I get the first 2 projects finished, this quilt will be a quilt sandwich by Monday morning.  Plans for next week? To quilt it and have it done by next Saturday.

Oh, when I'm not at the sewing machine I will be finishing my second sock. Only 1 inch left to knit before I make the toe of the sock.

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