Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Progress Report

So, I was up well past midnight last night organizing the next few projects. Here is what I need to complete in the next week (if not sooner).

A cape for my daughter's Halloween costume. I found the black spider web fabric in the remnant bin awhile ago. It's only half a yard so I might be able to make a small cape and a bag for her.

Blue crane fabric that needs to be cut for borders for the Twiggy quilt and then sewn on. Then I can start attaching the leaves and birds.

Cut these out Saturday night while watching hockey. Organized them last night. They will be made into ornaments, coasters and I'm going to try notecards for my etsy store.

More holiday gift fabrics. More ornaments and notecards. Need to iron the backing fabrics and then I can start cutting and piecing these together. Have ribbon cut already for hanging.

My basket of blue and white fabric for a project for next year that needs some ironing.
We'll see what I can get done in the next few days. I finished the "Recipe For Friendship" lap quilt and it is now listed in my etsy store. Check back soon to see if I get anything else done or if I just reorganize again and not actually complete anything.

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