Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Finished Project and other updates

Finished binding Calliope's doll quilt the other day. Using my new quilt rack (thanks mom) to display. Still trying to find a place for the quilt rack - think I will use it for picture taking right now.


Back of the quilt. Fairies and their houses.

My sister mentioned that the Twiggy quilt shown on Monday's post needed something more than the leaves. What she didn't know is that I had already decided that, and have cut out these birds to go on it. Hope to get them placed on the quilt this week.

My sewing table by the end of the week. The empty basket now has fabric for a project in it. The doll quilt is done. Another project is on the side waiting to be finished and the crochet hooks are off my chair. The ironing board is off my table too.

Have finished some other things, just need to take some pictures. Also put up the thread rack from my sister and put some thread in it. Ironed some more fabric for different projects, including some Christmas fabric for Etsy projects. Busy, busy, busy.

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