Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Progress Report

I know I am not an official part of Judy's group who posts every Monday what they are working on for the week, but thought I would post a progress report anyway.

Here is my quilt table. Sorry, I don't have a design wall. Rolled up on the table are the Frida quilt and my daughter's doll quilt. The doll quilt has been quilted, just needs binding. Haven't started quilting Frida yet. Need to get the little ironing board and iron off my table to give me a little more room.

Difficult to sit and quilt when a box with big crochet hooks sticking out is on your chair. Need to move that sometime this week.

This is a pic for you Sarah. My literal laundry hamper full of Holiday fabric. It has been gone through and organized into projects that I will hopefully start this week and get on Etsy soon.

Every year the quilt guild I am a part of does a Mystery quilt. This is the third year I have participated. This is the quilt top done. It needs more borders to fit a double bed but decided I am not going to it. Need to quilt it since it is going to be a gift - but who is going to get it?

Close-up of some of the blocks.

This is for me. Some of my favourite fabrics. Needs a border to fit our bed. Played with fabrics today and think I have decided what I am going to use. But do you think the quilt is missing something?

It is - leaves. Do you recognize the pattern?

It's a Moda pattern. I printed it off the Sewn site under their free patterns if you wanted to take a look.

Here are some other fabrics that will be made into a quilt for a wonderful person.

More fabrics for the same quilt.

They will become this quilt. It is for the wonderful woman who teaches at the preschool my daughter attended and my son is currently attending. Just wanted to find a way to tell her how much I appreciate her. Now I just need to find some time to make it for her.

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  1. Wow! It really is a hamper of holiday fabric. I like your mystery quilt. Your leaves quilt needs some blossoms - either when you quilt it or. . . before! I hope you find time for all your plans. I need a few more months for mine:)


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