Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016 Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Show

      The local quilt guild had their quilt show this weekend. When we first lived in Michigan (2004-2010), I was a member and librarian for the guild. I had quilts in their 2006 and 2008 shows. It is a non-juried show, just an opportunity for guild members to share what they've been working on. There are also shops to buy from. There were definitely fewer stores this year. My daughter, Calliope, and I went Sunday. Enjoy the pictures. You can see pictures from the last show (2014) here. I took pictures of all the info cards so I know who made each quilt, however no links to their blogs or instagram feeds as that information was not given.

Trapped Vase of Flowers by Anne Sloan. Quilted by Bethany Heyworth.

Tumbling Charms by Kim Leugers. Quilted by Elisabeth Galea.

Burgoyne Surrounded by Ellen Wilson. Quilted by Crystal Smythe.

Starry Starry Night. Made and quilted by Anne Sloan.

Loved some of the props they had up between quilts.

Gypsy Whimsy made and quilted by Marilyn Knepp. 

Key Lime Pie made by Glenna Schweitzer. Quilted by Crystal Smythe.

Gingerbread Square made by Norma Mossburg. Quilted by Marilyn Lange.

The neat thing about this quilt was that it was embroidered and then coloured.

Forever made and quilted by Debbie Grifka.

Happy Strip Star. Made by Lori Rhode. Doesn't say who quilted it.

Dresden Plates. Unknown maker, bought at a flea market. Quilted by Gwendolyn Louis. 
I voted this my viewer's choice. 

Songbirds in my yard. Made by Ruth LaCoe. Quilted by Rose Marquardt.

Felted Red Poppy. Made and quilted by Linda R. Larsen. 

This had to be seen in person to appreciate the texture.

China Trip Memento. Made by Slice of Life Quilters. Quilted by Michelle Mitchell.
      The group of quilters enlarged a photograph and cut it into 6 pieces. Each member made a quilt based on their piece of the picture, which were then joined together to make the whole quilt. Neat idea.

Dreaming Bargello. Made by Susan Borchert. Quilted by Kim Heath.
Calliope voted this as her Viewer's Choice.

A Bee for Thee. Made and quilted by Barb Kilburn.

     A beautiful cathedral windows quilt reminded me that this pattern is on my must make list. Not sure who made this. It is the volunteer quilt for the guild. If you volunteer in any way with the guild, your name is put in for the raffle of this quilt. Maybe I need to rejoin?

Another picture of it because I loved it so much.

      And here is what I came home with. I didn't end up buying anything from any of the actual stores. Fabric is so expensive and I don't quilt enough to justify the cost. However, the guild had a table of fabrics leftover from their members only garage sale (which would have taken place during the July meeting a couple weeks ago). I filled a bag for $10. Definite theme in what I picked, except for the Christmas fabric which is begging to be made into gift bags.

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