Friday, August 26, 2016

2 Finishes for Friday!

      I am very happy to share two finishes today. I've been stopping myself from casting on four new projects to take their place. 

      Here is the Andi cardigan for my daughter before blocking. Buttons were from my stash. I needed 7 but I only had 6 that matched, so we decided on a black one for the top. Might change that someday. Here is my ravelry project page for the cardigan.

      After going through the washer and the dryer, the lace has opened a bit and everything shrunk a little for a better fit. The yarn is 100% cotton so I expect some stretch as she wears it. And we both agree her decision to use the same yarn for the buttonbands and sleeves was a good one. I still have some of each yarn colour left. I'm thinking she needs a striped hat.

The back. Perfect length.

Close-up of the lace and ribbing. 
      It's nice to finish all three Camp Loopy projects again this year. It's also a finish for Very Shannon's Summer Sweater KAL.

      My second finish this week was the neon socks. I thought about gifting them to my sister but I think I'm going to keep them. 

This is closer to their true colour. Neons are surprisingly hard to photograph.

      Now I have to get back to finishing up a few more WIP's so I can cast on a sweater for my older son, another sweater for me and a few pairs of socks. Did you have any finishes this week?

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  1. . . . you thought about gifting them to your sister?! LOL love the sweater! great finishes.


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