Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WIP's - Yarn edition

On Monday's post, I showed a picture of my list of WIP's. Since finishing my August Camp Loopy project, I've been really good at not starting anything new - although I've pulled both yarn and fabric aside for new projects. Here are the four yarn WIP's I'm focusing on first.

The Earth shawl. This was a mystery KAL but I didn't start knitting it until after it was completed. The designer has even done another mystery shawl since this KAL ended so I am very behind. It's hard to see much progress since there are so many stitches on the needles but you'll have to take my word for it. Since the last time I posted a picture I have finished section 2 and done almost 30 rows of section 3. There is still a lot left. Over 50 rows still in section 3 and then a border worked sideways. Good thing I am enjoying it.

Low Tide cardigan. Started as part of the Tops, Tanks and Tees KAL  in May, it got set aside for Camp Loopy projects and life. I really want to wear this so it is my go to knitting right now since it's just stockinette for another 3 inches. Unlike the cables in the Earth shawl, stockinette is easy to knit while all three kids are home and awake.  I last showed progress of it here.

Tardis afghan. This is a new WIP started last month. I really wanted to crochet and decided if I was going to start something new, it would have to be a gift.  I had to add some rows to the pattern to make things look right. There are several people who this could be gifted too since I have many family members that enjoy Dr. Who. Or maybe I'll have to make more than 1.

Castine Pi Shawl. Another WIP started last month that I couldn't resist. The green yarn is a lifeline I put in - a place to rip back to if I make a mistake to save me from starting over. It's hard to see how lovely the pattern is all scrunched up like this. Post blocking pictures are going to be amazing.

Here is the front side, you can see the green lifeline. If you look a little closer you will notice a big hole on each side. I tweaked the pattern a little and added armholes so it can be worn like a vest/cardigan instead of a shawl. I played with numbers a lot and am hoping it turns out. If not... I'll be ripping it back to the lifeline to try again.

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