Monday, September 14, 2015

I frogged a sweater

At the end of this week, I'll have a birthday. The last couple years I started the tradition of being selfish on that day and casting on a new knit for me and work exclusively on it, that day.  

I went through my ravelry projects page and looked at what I have knit in the past and came across this sweater that I hardly ever wear. I liked the idea of it but I made the neck hole too tight which makes it difficult to get on. It is made with bulky yarn. I was looking forward to having a big chunky sweater to wear but I often felt too hot in it. Then I got pregnant and bulky sweaters are no good when nursing a baby. It has sat for a couple years ignored. I decided I no longer loved the sweater and that it was time to frog it. 

First I found the sleeve seams and undid them.

Unraveling while watching tennis last week (weren't the finals this weekend great?).

A detached sleeve beside what is left of the sweater.

Winding. Tennis was still on. The two tennis shots almost look the same but there was some time between them. It took me most of a day, off and on, to unravel and wind the yarn.

6 skeins. I only had to throw out a small portion of a sleeve cuff that became too tangled where ends had been woven in. I picked a pattern which is very different for me but you'll have to wait to see what I picked. I'm afraid if I say what I plan on knitting I'll change my mind.

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