Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WIP Update

I crossed 4 WIP's off my list during the past week. 

Piecing these blocks was on the list. I had all the pieces cut and I kept moving them out of my way. During one of Floyd's naps last week, I focused and was able to finish about 40 blocks. They still need to be trimmed and ironed.

Here are four blocks I made a few weeks ago all trimmed and ironed. The quilt is tentatively called Cuzco Corner since it uses a charm pack of Kate Spain's Cuzco fabric. This is a pretty easy quilt. I cut each 5 inch square into four 2.5 inch squares then sewed them onto the corners of black squares. The black squares are 10 inches and are a pre-cut layer cake. (Isn't it funny the words that quilters and knitters use?). The plan is for the quilt to become a Christmas present for a niece.

I also finished knitting the Low Tide Cardigan and Earth Shawl. Today I'm weaving in ends and blocking. Hope to have some finished pictures to share on Friday.

And this isn't technically a finish but it is crossed off the list. I decided I love the pattern but not the stripes the yarn is making, so it has been frogged. I'll do the pattern in a different yarn.

All this finishing must mean I can cast on something new....or perhaps 2 or 3 new things.

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