Friday, September 18, 2015

3 Finishes for Friday

I was able to block my finished knits this week and got outside for the last moments of daylight yesterday to take some pictures. Above is the little stack of finishes.

First up is the Earth shawl. It's supposed to have a different border. Now it really doesn't have a border at all. I started the border that came with the pattern but I didn't like how the stitches looked where the border met the body of the shawl so I ripped it back and tried some other options before deciding to just cast off. Go to the pattern page to see what the border's supposed to look like.

Wrapped around and ready to be used. Once the weather gets cooler.

I love the leaf detail which convinced me to cast this shawl on. 

Next up is my Low Tide cardigan. I still needed buttons for it so I used stitch markers to keep it closed. It's really soft. The neck hole is a little wider than I would have liked and read that others crocheted around the edge to bring it in a bit. Still deciding whether I'm going to do that or not. I didn't think I had any buttons in my stash but I checked last night and found 6 from one of husband's shirts that I had kept which seem to be the right size. 

The back. I think the back neckline is the worst part. I might just crochet along the back to fix it. Mods I made to the pattern. Like several others I added an eyelet row and a garter border at the bottom. I did 6 garter rows. I also did 6 garter rows on each sleeve. The pattern just has them cast off in stockinette which causes the bottoms to roll up and I didn't want that. I also crocheted along the left front. The right front has a crocheted on button row which finishes off the edge but not the left side. This seems odd to me so I did the left side so they'd both look finished.

And lastly, a very quick finish from this week. Vispo cowl knit in about a day will be gifted to my best friend next week for her birthday. Love the pattern and can't recommend it enough. 

And if I finished 3, I must cast on 3. In pink is a second Vispo cowl (told you I loved it) which will be sent to my SIL next month for her 40th birthday. In the middle is a scarf (Gothic Lace) also for my best friend. She requested a scarf but I got distracted by the cowl. And I remembered how desperately I need knitted socks for this winter and cast on a pair - loving the stripes. 

But I had to cast on my birthday project this morning. Having a Muppet Movie marathon while I knit. Above I'm knitting the first round and watching "Muppet Family Christmas". Floyd picked Christmas movies first so we've also watched "A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa" and "It's a Very, Merry Muppet Christmas Movie".

Currently watching "Muppets Most Wanted" and pausing the knitting to have some lunch. Not sure if I like the pattern or not. We'll see if I finish it. Next up is "The Muppet Movie".

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday sis! Glad you got some muppets in! I like those striped socks too ;)


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