Monday, August 31, 2015

A Couple August Finishes

Somehow it is already the end of August. Not sure what happened to this summer. The kids and I have been lazy homebodies which is just starting to get boring. My daughter and I watched most of Gilmour Girls together (we have around 30 episodes left) which gave me plenty of knitting time. I'm going to miss the older two kids when they return to school in just over a week but it will be nice to spend some time with just Floyd as next year he'll be in preschool and things will get pretty busy (but I'll have 3 mornings a week to myself!). 
And as amazed as I am that summer vacation is almost over, I am more amazed that Christmas is four months away. I still have a very long list of things to make. This month I was able to finish 2 projects of that long Christmas list.

I finally finished the Flax for a niece that I started in July. It was supposed to be my July Camp Loopy project but when it wasn't going to use the necessary 600 yards, I knit a Flax sweater for her older sister instead. Flax is a great, free pattern. I might have to make one for myself someday.

Here is my leftover yarn. Once I an done the third Flax (for my nephew), I'll have enough yarn leftover for something else (around 5 skeins). I was thinking of making matching hats to give along with the sweaters, but I'm not sure yet.

And here is my August Camp Loopy project. I finished it last Monday. It really needed to be blocked to show off its beauty. Pattern is Wispy Willow Cardigan.  

And here it is after being blocked. It is for my daughter but she's supposed to wait until Christmas to get it. She would really like it now.... we'll see.

Simple leaf lace along each edge...

... and on each sleeve.

The back got a crease during the few days between blocking and photo taking.  She wants me to add a button at the top to help keep it closed and then it will be really finished. She didn't want the lace that went down the back.

Poor Floyd wanted to come out and join in the fun.

Now that I'm done those two, you'd think I'd have time to tackle some of these projects. I kept forgetting what I had yarn set aside for, so I made a list of the yarn and the project. But I can't get started on this list. At least not yet, although two of them are also on the Christmas to-make list. The rest of the projects are for me.

I need to make a dent in this list first. This is a list of WIP's. I've crossed 3 items off since I made the list (and added one that I forgot) and am making good progress on several of them. This list isn't just for knitting, there are quilt WIP's on there too. I'd like to get 4 more crossed off before the kids return to school. I was thinking of starting something the day they go back, but only if I exclusively work on finishing up things before then. I've tried to be monogamous while finishing but it doesn't seem to be part of my crafting nature. I do easier (stockinette) knitting while Floyd is awake and save lace, cables and anything that needs a lot of attention/ or sharp (such as cutting fabric) for when he sleeps. Hope to have some more finishes to share with you next week.

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