Thursday, July 9, 2015

Camp Loopy Progress : Now I'm knitting a second sweater

I've been making good progress on the sweater for my niece that I am knitting for my July Camp Loopy project.

Last Friday, I finished the first ball a couple inches into the body of the sweater.

On Monday, I finished the second ball when I finished the body. Looks great. Is measuring the right size. One problem - I'm supposed to use 600 yards for my July project and so far I have used just under 360. There's no way I will use over 200 yards for the sleeves.  Good thing I bought enough yarn to make sweaters for her brother and sister at the same time.

Tried it on Floyd for scale.

He didn't enjoy modeling.

Tuesday evening I wound all 5 hanks for the second sweater.

2 of them had knots and decided the yarn label was the perfect place to jot down how many knots each hank had. I'll use this one last since it had 3 knots. I noted that one knot was near the end. 

Started the second sweater yesterday and am working on the yoke. Lots of stitch markers being put to use. Green is the beginning of the round. Garter section is between the blue markers and the red markers remind me to do the raglan increases. Both sweaters are the pattern Flax. A free pattern from Tin Can Knits

Information about August's project came out yesterday and requires 800 yards. I was going to make a cardigan for my daughter but I can't decide on a pattern. Need to get my order in today so the yarn will arrive before we go away on vacation. Also after winding all that yarn, I've convinced myself that I need a yarn swift - using the back of my mini ironing board is no longer convenient. There's one on sale at Knit Picks.... guess I'm doing a little shopping today.

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