Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yarn Adventures

Finally placed my first order at The Looy Ewe. I've looked plenty of times but have never bought before. This little knitting needle inventory came free with my order. I think I've put almost all my needles on there now.

Here is what I ordered. I needed more green to finish the Creekwood Shawl (which I did the other day and is currently being blocked. pictures later this week). The orange for a special gift.

I have a ball winder but not a swift so I have to improvise. Usually I put the hank around a chair but thought I'd give my mini ironing board a try this time and it worked really well.

Took a while but I was able to get both the green and orange done as well as the yarns my mom gave me for Christmas that I shared in the last post. Aren't they pretty?

I did take some time away from yarn to finish the initial embroidery for my niece - still need to mail it.

And I was able to complete another one. I have the next one traced and floss picked.

Used one of the yarns from my mom to make this scarf. Think I'll be mailing it as a gift. It is the Ric Rac yarn by Berrocco. I did the scarf pattern on the band using a crochet hook.

Finally finished the cardigan for my nephew. My son (who turns 7 today - Happy Birthday!), modeled it for me after I washed it. It's a little big on him, which is good.

I might have to change that top button. I'm not happy with how it is sitting.

Side view and sleeves.

It really softened up after washing. Hope he likes it even more now that it is a cardigan and not a sweater vest, like it was Christmas morning.

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