Thursday, January 10, 2013


Alright, here they are. Finally. Some of the finished and not so finished gifts from Christmas.
My daughter is modeling the cardigan I made for a niece. Happy it fits.

Minecraft Creeper hat made for a BIL. My nephew (who is still waiting on his cardigan-oops) has taken the hat, even though it's a bit big for him. There was also a request for matching gloves and scarf. How about another hat, so they can both have one?

Fingerless mitts for my daughter. She picked this yarn out over a year ago and I finally got around to making them for her. 
Here she is wearing them while doing a little stitching.

Cardigan for another nice. 

Irish Hiking hat and some fingerless mitts for my MIL. I made her the Irish Hiking scarf last year so now she has a matching set.

Made another Irish Hiking hat in bright pink for my son's teacher who LOVES bright pink. She loved it. This hat might become my go to hat for gifts. It works up quickly but interesting enough with the cables that I don't get bored while knitting it.

My nephew's cardigan. This is what he received on Christmas day. No buttons. No sleeves. (pattern here)

Sleeves are started. I apologize that these aren't finished yet. I'm a bad aunt.

But at least I've bought buttons. Just need to put them on.

I have been working on other things since we've returned home. This might look a little familiar. This is the mystery shawl from November. The pattern is now called Creekwood and is available for purchase on ravelry. This is my second time knitting it. I got to the last clue the first time and decided it wasn't going to big enough and that I would really like more of the cable section of clue 1 so I frogged the whole thing and have started over. I am now done clue 1 but am going to repeat it once, maybe twice before moving on to the rest of the clues. (Mom, I'm using my new triangle stitch markers for this. They are taking some getting use to but working well.)

And a finish. The beginning of this shawl was the last picture of my last post back in November. I finished it this week. Obviously I still need to block it. I think it needs a new hat to go with it.
I also knit another baby hat for our little boy who will be here in just over 3 months! Still need to take pictures of it. I also started crocheting a blanket for him but noticed a mistake and am deciding whether I am going to frog it and start over or try to fix it as is.

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