Friday, November 30, 2012

On The Needles Friday

This is my little finish from last week that I wasn't able to share as I hadn't taken a picture of it. This is for my mom, as she requested. Definitely a quick knit. Might have time to make some more.

I finished one of the cardigans for a niece, all it needs is buttons. Feels great to have this done. I love the stitch in the bodice that I might make a scarf or something else using it.

The other cardigan is almost done. All seams are done, except pockets which the pattern suggests to leave to last. Need to do the neck and button bands but they shouldn't take me too long.

And I was so thrilled to almost finish both cardigans that I may have cast on a little something last night that isn't necessarily a Christmas present. I might keep it, I might not. We'll see how much I love it and if I can get it done by December 24th.

This week I made a list of all the things I would like to make for gifts this Christmas. There were 19 items on the list, including the two cardigans above. That leaves me with 17 left to make - some are started but not many. Some are really small and would probably take less than a hour and one of them is a cardigan for a nephew. I numbered them in order of priority but for some reason I don't feel like working on any that are in the top 10. I guess I need to wait until December 15th or so to work on those. Then I remembered teacher gifts which brings the list back up to 19. I will have the kids help with those and I'm trying to think of other gifts they could help make. I was trying to do a complete handmade holidays this year but I don't think I'll be able to . I guess I should lower my expectations in a year with a move across the country and a pregnancy:)


  1. Love that green sweater! Good luck with your Christmas knitting.

  2. I love that mug warmer...any pattern for it? I would love to try it! Keep those fingers moving. Great job on the sweaters. Maybe someday I might try one...Getting bored with dish cloths etc. We are lookin forward to seeing you over the holidays.


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