Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Finishes

Have a few little finishes to share this week.

Crocheted these hats while on vacation. The one on the right I started and finished during our 10 hour trip north. These will be mailed with the other hats I've finished for charity, to Jen for her hat KAL/CAL that finishes next month. I've started knitting a 10th hat and would like to send her 12.

Before we went away, my husband had been complaining about the sad state of our floor cushions. They had become pretty flat since I made them roughly 6 years ago. Bought the 20 inch pillow forms from JoAnn's than made the covers. This is what they looked like after 6 years of being used.

While Floyd napped one afternoon, I ripped open the hand sewn seam. I put in squares of batting on each side and then put extra stuffing between the pillow and the batting. I sewed them shut again and took a picture to compare. Everyone is much happier with them now.

When we were north, my sister gave me an early birthday present. She had made it as a table runner (you can read more about it on her blog here) but I think I'll end up putting it on the wall so I'm going to add some buttons to the snowman. Love it, Sarah, thank you.

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