Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New WIP's

Since last Thursday I have started 2 new projects (I finished 2 as well, but you have to wait until Friday to see them).  Yesterday was the beginning of Camp Loopy. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to cast on since it was also my daughter's birthday (I'm now the mom of a teenager! Ack!) and I still had a couple things to do, like wrap presents.

But I got everything done and was able to cast on and do the first row yesterday afternoon. The pattern is 8 pages long, with no pictures, so I haven't printed it off. Not sure I will. The body is pretty straight forward, I really only need the pattern for the armholes and neck.  Pattern is Bamboo Shell and is free.

As of this morning I had 4 rows done. I did a few more rows today while watching the French Open.

May was the first month this year that I didn't finish a pair of socks. Thursday evening I started the toe of my second FrankenSock. Perhaps these will be finished in time for Friday? 

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