Friday, June 26, 2015

A Knitted WIP

     I'm not sure what happened to the first two weeks of summer vacation but they are almost over. My boys were in swim lessons 4 mornings a week and my parents came to visit for a few days, maybe that explains where all my time went. Today is our first day with absolutely nothing planned so it is my catch-up day. Laundry is started and dishes will have to be done before we can have lunch but right now I am blogging about my Camp Loopy project for June, the Bamboo Shell . I took several pictures over the past week or so to show my progress. I had planned on writing a blog post earlier but never got around to it. I have until the end of next Tuesday to finish it and I'm hopeful that I will get it done.

Progress after finishing the first ball of yarn, 14 inches done of the back.

Here is the back at 18 inches and ready for the armholes.

Half way finished the armholes.

Finished the second ball. Back and left front are complete.

Almost done the right front.

This is where I was Wednesday morning.

And this is how far I am as of this morning. The front will be 2 inches shorter than the back but I still have to knit 4 inches of seed stitch which I know will slow me down. I have 2-3 inches of stockinette left to knit before the border and I think I can finish that today. Once done I need to seam the sides. I might sew some of the top flap closed. I tried it on and the flap opens lower than I like but I won't make a final decision until it is completely finished. My husband suggested adding a decorative button if I sew some of the flap close so it looks closed on purpose. My fingers are crossed that I will finish in time and have finished pictures to share here next week.

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