Monday, June 8, 2015

Finished Pair of Socks #7

Finished my first pair of Frankensocks this year. I used yarn leftover from two pair of socks I made a few years ago. Made from the toe-up, I used all the yarn with blue stripes but still have some of the pink striped yarn leftover. Think I'll be making a few more socks like this too use up leftovers.

Finished comfy socks.

I enjoy knitting toe-up socks, except for the cast-off. I've struggled finding a cast-off that was comfortable but think I've finally found one. Knit 2 through the back loop, put the stitch back on the left needle and repeat.

A finished pair always makes me want to cast on another pair but I resisted this weekend. I think I have enough other knits in progress.

I also finished all the lace pieces for my Low Tide cardigan this weekend and blocked them. Now to put it all together and knit the body.

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