Monday, June 30, 2014

Camp Loopy : Project One

For June's Camp Loopy project I knit the Chocolat shawl. This is a gift. I finished it June 15th and am finally posting pictures. I had to change the borders as I ran out of blue yarn even though I used the recommended yarn and amount. I think I like my borders better. Here it is before blocking.

I did the pattern's eyelet border, but only once, in the contrast border. Then I added the garter stitch border. I only had a couple yards of the blue yarn left when I was done.

The Little Guy liked it.

Getting washed. The blue ran quite a bit.

I had more knits in need of blocking. I did the brown beaded cowl, then changed the water.

Blocked and the Little Guy still likes it. It was hard to keep it straight as he wouldn't stay off of it.

Using it as a yoga mat?

You can see that the lace section really opened up after blocking. I had to push the Little Guy away to keep his hands out of this picture.

My son took this picture inside as it was raining.

All folded up and ready to be gifted... in December.

Sun came out that evening so my daughter and I took some more pictures outside.

I like how big this ended up being.

It was a little hot outside to be modeling such a warm shawl.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Project Two. This year I decided that all Camp Loopy projects would be gifts. July's project will be a sweater for my daughter. I picked the pattern, Brick, and the yarn, but I had her pick the colour. She hasn't seen the pattern. 
The inspiration for the project was supposed to be a place we go to relax. A good day with my kids can be relaxing (you know, when everyone gets along and there's lots of laughter; those days are great) but when she picked the yarn and I saw that the colour was Iris it reminded me of my favourite painting, Van Gogh's Irises. I have had a poster of that painting up somewhere in our house since I was in University. It is currently beside my side of the bed. I have always loved looking at it and picturing myself lying in the irises - so I guess my project ended up being about a place I relax after all.

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