Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Book, Some Quilting, a lot of Cake and a Finish

Last week was fairly productive.
Finished reading this book.  A great, sad novel. I can't remember the last time a novel made me cry, but this one did. At times it was so sad I didn't want to continue reading but by the end I wanted it to continue and find out what else happens to the characters. It's a hard read, emotionally. The main character starts knitting after the death of her 5 year old daughter. At her knitting circle she discovers how the other members turned to knitting after their own personal tragedies. Would definitely recommend.

I finished quilting the above wall hanging while watching the French Open. Need to trim it and add the binding.

Cake adventures. Besides making 2 different cakes for my daughter's birthday last week, I also wound lots of yarn cakes. You can see how messy some of these turned out due to my ball winder misbehaving. This is the blue for my Camp Loopy project, the chocolate shawl. Need to take a progress picture of it.

The border colour for the chocolate shawl.

Started 1 of 2 of these bags. One is a definite Christmas gift while the other is for me. I have 2 of every colour (I only took a picture of 1), except the brown so I might be able to make a third as a gift. 

Here they are stacked. The orange refused to be photographed as it's true colour.

Finished another pointy ball. Used worsted weight leftovers for this one and no cat toy inside. This is for my older son who is enjoying it.

Comparing the two. I'm not sick of the pattern yet. There are 2 babies arriving this winter who might need their own. They aren't even related to me (being born to siblings of friends) and I'll probably never meet them but I just want to make this again.

This week is not as productive. I've got some knitting done but my parents were here for a nice, quick visit at the beginning of the week and last weekend I came down with my first case of Mastitis. It came as a surprise with a 1 year old but I figured it out and was able to fix it myself without having to go on antibiotics so I'm happy about that. After my parents left on Wednesday, the baby and I had a 2 hour nap. Think we are starting to feel almost normal again.

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