Monday, June 23, 2014

Graph Paper QAL Update

Here's my progress report for the Graph Paper QAL hosted by Fabric Mutt.
I haven't made a lot of progress but I've done more with my scraps the past two weeks then I have in years so that's good. Above is the first of two overflowing bins of scraps I want to iron and cut into squares for some charity quilts. I took this picture at the end of last week and only have a small stack left to iron.

My growing pile of ironed scraps.

I did get some squares cut. On the left are 2 inch squares and on the right are 3 inch squares. My crazy brain is also thinking of cutting some 1.5 inch squares and 4 or 5 inch squares as well for future charity quilts. I'd hate to waste any fabric and I'm not cutting any bigger squares (such as leftover charm squares) down to size since I'd throw out what I trim off, which seems silly to me. 

Some 2 inch squares sewn together. Hope to get a lot more sewn together this week. 

1 comment:

  1. You are so smart to sort those squares! This is a great beginning!


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