Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Finished Quilt!

Last week I finished the Central Park wallhanging. I started this in August 2012, around the time we got pregnant with the Little Guy. I finished piecing it just before our ultrasound that December and if he had been a girl it would have become his baby quilt. However, he was a boy and I made him an orange quilt instead. I still loved the fabrics and wanted to finish it so it became the wallhanging it was always meant to be.

It could use a good ironing but I wanted something new up on the walls. 

Hangs beside the couch in the living room. That very full shelf is our library books - mainly mine.

I was going to use purple for the all-over quilting to match the binding but when I discovered the multicoloured thread that my SIL gave me for Christmas I thought that was a better idea. I was a little rusty with the FMQ but got more comfortable as I went.

Finishing this will hopefully motivate me to finish up some more. It would be nice to clear up some space - and make room for more yarn.

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