Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Week's Update

I took pictures last Monday or Tuesday to post but never got around to it. I figure I'll post them now and take new pictures and post those ... tomorrow maybe? It will look like I did a lot today.

The front of a bag. Once completed this bag will be felted and smaller. It is a Christmas gift. If it works out. It will be my first time felting something on purpose.

Here is the back which will continue into being the flap. The flap has a design on it. I prefer doing colourwork in the round and have been having trouble with tension on the purl/ wrong side. I have already frogged the flap once and am hoping my second attempt will be better.

My Camp Loopy project for June. A shawl that will also be a gift. The requirements for July's project was posted last week and I ordered my yarn yesterday. I finished this shawl yesterday and had to change the borders as I ran out of the blue yarn. I like the changes I made. Still need to take pictures.

Close-up of the lace. This will look a lot better once it's blocked and stretched out.

We visited my SIL and her family last weekend. She's also a quilter and handed down to me this big chunk of fabric. I think there is roughly 5 yards and the Little Guy loves it. Trying to decide whether it will just be the quilt back for him or cut it up and use some for the front. He definitely gets excited whenever he sees it. 

He wanted to unfold the whole thing but I said no. Need to find a quilt pattern so I can start making him a quilt. At my current pace it will probably take me a couple years to complete.

I also started a second shawl for a gift but I'm not sure I like it. This is my second time doing this pattern and even though it calls for fingering weight yarn I think I would like it bigger in a different weight yarn. Might frog it and make a different shawl instead.

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