Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I apologize in advance for the pictures. It wasn't til after I loaded the pictures onto the camera that I realized the camera had been set to nighttime photos to take pictures of our lit pumpkins last night. Oops.
Got the pumpkins out today and noticed a little something. My daughter's is definitely bigger. Which wasn't a big problem in the past since he's younger and smaller. However, this year I could already hear the words, "Not fair" being said once he got home from school, so I decided to do a little something about it.

I made them trick-or-treat bags that are exactly the same size. I used leftover fabric from the 2 Halloween quilts I made earlier this month.

I even lined them! 

This one is my daughter's. I had 1 piece of her fabric (skull with pink bows) leftover from making her quilt that got included.

My son's. I figured this would stay age appropriate for the next few years (he's 5).

Also made this little blanket and pillow for a niece whose birthday is in 2 weeks. I bought her a little doll over a month ago and knew I wanted to make something to go with it. I found a great little box on Saturday that the doll fits in.

Perfect! Once she is out of the packaging, she can be tucked in with her blanket. The box has something special painted on the front, but there has to be some surprises for her. I used some Terrain charm squares, a fabric line I know her mom likes.

Did some quilting too. Not bad for an afternoon's work.

Some of the pins that came out while quilting this afternoon. Hope to get some more done tonight. After trick-or-treating, of course.


  1. The trick or treat bags are so darling! You did a wonderful job with them -- have fun, stay safe and I hope y'all get lots of treats! :)

  2. hehee, i think your little niece is going to love this ;) the doll's little pink hello kitty shirt looks just like Athena's too! you do have a good eye for fabric, lol.


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