Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some finishes

Got to love these! I have to admit that my taste in sock yarn really surprises me. Before I started knitting socks (just last fall!), I mainly wore black socks.  I now have enough knitted socks to wear them everyday, and NONE of them are solid or have any black in them. And every sock I complete still amazes me. Did I really knit that? 

So colourful! Love them.

I only had a little bit of yarn leftover from the socks so I whipped up this little basket. My mug behind it gives some scale.

Not sure yet what I am going to put in it. Maybe I'll just look at it.

Finished this baby blanket. Need to block it and then it will be going in the shop.

Didn't finish all my knitted projects. Got a few more inches done on the cape for my youngest niece. 4 more inches to go before I decrease for the neck and start the hood. There are still so many projects on my list that I would like to make for Christmas this year. November is going to be crazy. I'm either getting no sleep and finishing them all or I'll have to admit defeat. Right now I'm leaning towards no sleep.

I got one Halloween quilt, quilted. Need to add the hanging sleeve. The other one is still waiting for its border and life has been so busy I haven't been able to talk to my daughter about what quilting she would like on her quilt. Maybe tonight.


  1. LOVE your rainbow socks -- how fun that is!!! :)

  2. I think I would be skipping all of the time if I had those socks on. They look so happy and fun! I wish I could knit.. have tried, but not so good at it. Beautiful work. :o)

  3. Love your happy socks. Sooo, if you have enough socks, are you making me more!?!?!? Love the little basket - I think chocolates will fit inside perfectly, yes?!


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