Thursday, October 6, 2011

A couple of finishes and more thinking

Finished this quilt Sunday night for a family friend battling cancer. Very simple quilting. This quilt is meant to be used for warmth and comfort so I didn't want to over quilt it and make it too stiff. Afraid I may have under - quilted it, causing some of the fabric to pull in the corners.

Here's what I did for the quilting. It was washed before I took the picture. Fabrics are from a layer cake of Vine Creek.

Played with my Terrain blocks on Monday afternoon. Laid them all out on the living room floor.

My sister-in-law commented that they looked good without any sashing. So, first I placed them really close together and took a picture.

Then I separated them and added the white sashing. Still deciding. I like both.

Monday night I finished a quilt for my son to take to school. He started kindergarten this fall and stays at school all day. After lunch, they have a rest time where the teacher reads them stories and they rest on their mats. They were told they could bring a blanket from home. My son and I decided that I would make him a new quilt. It measures roughly 52 inches square. I stayed up Monday night to finish this so he could take it to school on Tuesday to share for show-and-tell. Of course Tuesday morning was overcast and my picture of the whole quilt turned out horrible. The rest aren't great either, but they will have to do as the quilt now lives at school.

He picked the vehicle fabrics from my stash, and I added the solids (also from my stash). 

Back. I got the dinosaur fabric from Value Village years ago - I think I had almost 5 yards of it. I am finally down to less than a yard. I used leftover fabric from the front to make the blocks on the back. If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can see that the inner squares are actually made up of 4 triangles.

I wrote a little message near the top: "For my Nova. Have a good rest. Love, Mama". I tried to use little words that he could read. I wrote the usual label stuff at the bottom.

Happy boy with his quilt.

Quilt design is my own. I knew I wanted something simple and quick that would show off the vehicle prints. Did a quick sketch, that my son approved. Cut fabrics Saturday, pieced it Sunday and quilted in on Monday. Border blocks are 12 inches, middle block is 20 inches with a 2 inch border. Outer border is also 2 inches.

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  1. hard decisions!!

    love Nova's new quilty goodness.


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