Wednesday, March 17, 2010

String Blocks!

Once I finished my mother's birthday quilt (see previous post), I rewarded myself with string blocks (and some other stuff I'll update with later). I decided to add a row on the side and bottom of the quilt to make it a little bigger. This was suppose to be 1 block a week and I would end up with a quilt top at the end of the year. Now I am thinking 1 row a month (1 row is 7 blocks), with September being the last month and then finish it sometime between October and December (because you know quilters can always find extra time then - not). So far I am really liking the string blocks and using up some of my stash. My scraps for this quilt now fit nicely in a shoebox (all flattened out and grouped by length). Once I finish the March blocks I think I will go back through my overflowing scrap drawer and add some more to the shoebox. I noticed that I have a lot of blue and green fabrics and only a few reds. The blocks are roughly 8 inches finished, with quilt top being 56 x 72 before borders. I think it will end up with 3 borders, the middle border being a piano key border.


  1. Good reward plan, Rachel! I like the look; what an awesome thing that it's scraps! :)

  2. wow...looking good! I love scrap quilts...and this is one of the reasons why. Such cheerful.


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