Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quilt Space Transformation

This is what my sewing space looked like a couple weeks ago. Note the yellow walls.

And this is my space now. The table is in the same corner, just against the other wall. Not all my stuff has been brought up from the basement yet but most of it has. I have moved my cutting mat off the table for now. I used the sewing machine for the first time today and it will definitely take some getting use to. All my stuff (scissors, rotary cutter, seam ripper) is now on the left instead of the right and that is throwing me off a little. However, I can still look out the window and sew in natural light during the day and I can see out the front window to the porch where my kids like to play when the weather is warm. The wall colour is nice but as soon as it was dry some colourful artwork had to go up.

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