Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mystery Quilt Revealed!

My mother's birthday present arrived at her house today so I can finally show off what I made her. A Family Tree quilt. When my mother had spare time, she use to work on genealogy. Somehow with no kids at home she's busier than ever and never gets to work on it. Thought this quilt might help.

My mother is at the top of the trunk with her brother and sister to her right and left and their parents above them. My father is in the trunk of the tree. I also wrote in their initials on the trunk with a heart around them as though they had carved their initials in when they were young and in love.

Closer look.

And here are the rest of us. 3 kids, and 7 grandkids (with room for the one arriving this summer). This quilt was a lot of work and some sneaky research when mom wasn't looking. I forgot to measure but it is probably around 50 inches square. I love it and glad she likes it too. Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. That's wonderful; what a great idea!! I particularly like the roots! But what will you do when she starts having great-grandkids?!?!

    Happy Birthday to your mom! :)


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