Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Sew Zone

The living room has become a no sew zone as we paint it. Time to say good-bye to the happy yellow that use to cover our walls and hello to boring colours that will hopefully help our house sell. Above you see my covered sewing machine and the back of the mystery project waiting to be finished. Needless to say it won't arrive on time but I am mailing a card that will (I hope).

The corner where my sewing table usually sits. Now my table holds a few cans of paint and primer. Cream and green are the new colours. The yellow is the old colour.

This added a little colour to my day - my first issue. I decided to subscribe this year as I didn't renew my quilt guilt membership. Not a bad issue but I've seen better.

Best thing was the above kids quilt that has barn doors that open and close. Neat idea. I don't think I would ever make the barn quilt but might use the idea in a different quilt.

Oh, yeah for those who don't know, we are moving to Moscow, Idaho where I will shop here and maybe join this group.


  1. Good luck on your move...My husband & I just made a move after living in our previous house for 12 years. It was a wrench at first since I had my sewing room all organized(well, I DID know where everything was) and now I have to start all over. Nice thing is I have a clean slate. Hope your house sells exactly when you want it to and your closing date fits.

  2. Your quilt Guilt membership!!! I love the new colours. Sometimes boring works:)


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