Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Finish of a Different Kind

So, the mystery project is done and is on its way to the birthday girl (my mother). I will post some sneak peek photos on Friday - her actual birthday (and yes, she already knows that the quilt is for her). Once she receives it I will put better pictures up. Until then... here is what else I finished this weekend.

"The Sisters Who Would be Queen" by Leanda de Lisle. It is about the "nine days queen", Lady Jane Grey and her 2 sisters. It's been awhile since I read a historical biography like this and I might get into them. It was very interesting and I think my mother would really enjoy it. I didn't even know she had sisters and it was really interesting to read about them and how Queen Elizabeth I messed with their lives as they were seen as threats to her crown. Who has ever heard of Katherine or Mary Grey? I won't get into all now, but it's all Henry VIII's fault. His life and after his death were such a crazy time. It would have been neat to have experienced it, but I probably would have spent some time in the Tower, so I am happy to be alive now.

Here is a picture, believed to be Lady Jane. She was only 17 when they cut off her head.

And a little aside, I told my husband it had to be good if it had 4 different family trees at the beginning of the book. Definitely helped keep things in order.

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  1. She was prettier with her head on, I'm sure. I can't help but think it's a good thing for me that I did not live in England during that time frame! I like historical biographies too, I may have to check this one out! :)


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