Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Work"during the Holidays

I ended up taking my sewing machine with me when I went away for the holidays. Surprisingly I got some quilting done.

I finished making all my nine patches and finished the 11 double nine patches I still needed to make. Here are my blocks with some my sister made.

I also got 4 blocks done for my son's teacher's quilt. I am now almost 2 weeks ahead of myself on this project. I can also put the first row together but haven't yet. Here are pics of the 4 blocks I finished. I keep forgetting that they are 16 inch blocks until I am done putting it together and have such a big block in my hands. So far I really like them and am really looking forward to the finished quilt.

Next on my list will be the quilts for the preschool silent auction on February 6th. Still haven't picked fabrics, or design but hopefully that will be decided this week. Not much time left.

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