Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

So, last Friday was officially the start of the new year, but I wasn't ready so today is the start of the new year for me. I feel a little more ready and organized for it now. Last week was crazy. Now I'm home and ready to face all the challenges this year will bring. (did I use the word "ready" enough in that paragraph?)

Got myself this day calendar. Trying to increase my sewing ablities.

First project. I might do this with scraps leftover from making half square triangles.

Second project. Too bad I already have one.

Third project. Think I might try this one before we go on another road trip.

I saw that some quilters had come up with words for the year. I came up with...
... It feels like the right word for 2010. We will be moving somewhere else as my husband graduates from his Ph.D. program here. There are so many changes this year that I can't control (such as my brother going to Afghanistan) that I decided I would work on some changes that I can control - more personal changes than professional changes. My quilt changes will be focusing on making stuff I want to make for others and for my etsy store. I started to feel at the end of last year that I was trying to make things I thought would sell and not necessarily things I liked; a lot of those projects never got completed since I had no passion for them. Another change is to work quilting into my day, everyday. Whether I get hours at the sewing machine or just 5 minutes to look at my stash or a magazine, I need to keep feeding my creativity.

Here's to getting my sewing machine plugged in today. To finishing my "Change" inspiration. To having a great day. Happy 2010!

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  1. Change CAN be good - especially when we choose it for ourselves!:) Love your colourful word! Guess I need to make one of those for me. My word is SHARE. Happy New Year!


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