Monday, January 11, 2010

The Transformation Begins

Here is what my quilt table looked like when we got home from the holidays. Fabric, books and everything else spread all over. Even my chair had piles of fabric on it. Time to clean up.

Here is some fabric set aside for etsy projects.

Some of the beautiful fabric from my sister-in-law. They have already been selected for a future quilt.

Some of the kid fabrics from my mother. The heart fabric on the left will be used as a back for one of ...

... these doll quilts. I am making one for my son's preschool silent auction and the other for etsy.

This is the quilt I am making for the silent auction. It's from the Spring 2009 Quilts and more.

I will be using these fabrics from my stash. [ I was a very busy girl this weekend and ironed, cut and pieced the quilt top. I picked another fabric from my stash for the final border and another for the back - will take pictures and post later]

My table at the end of organizing. My sewing machine is now plugged in and some project piles have been moved to get me more working room. Excited to have one quilt top done already. Hope to get the quilt sandwich together today and maybe even start quilting.

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