Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WIP Wednesday with Camp Loopy

     Today is June 1st, and besides being my daughter's 14th birthday (how did she get to be 14 already!), it is also the start of Camp Loopy. 
     According to all the buttons I've received from The Loopy Ewe this is my fourth year participating. I think I've completed the challenge twice to receive my free skein of yarn at the end.  I've started to think of Camp Loopy as a chance to get some Christmas gifts made.

     This year, is no different. June's challenge is to use 400 yards and you got to pick which group you were in based on what your pattern included - lace, cables, brioche or colourwork. I chose cables and the pattern, Side Squiggles, to make Floyd's Christmas present. I'm making him the size 4 since he'll be 3 1/2 by Christmas and the 2 would be too small. That size calls for 1,000 yards if you do the pocket and hood. I'm definitely going to do the pocket. Unsure about the hood. Floyd picked out the colour, Shire.

Cast on this morning and did the first four rounds. 

     There are no actual cables in the pattern, just twisted stitches that look like cables - which is close enough.

     However, I've really gotten into the groove with my Fogliame cardigan and it is going to be hard to step away from knitting it, to knit the sweater for Floyd. I think Fogliame might become my reward knitting after working on the Squiggles sweater. I finished the ribbing and started the lace over the long weekend. Here is what it looks like from the front.

And the back. For those who have knit the pattern or are familiar with it, I have finished the first leaf pattern repeat and started the first wedge. If you look closely, you'll see there are a lot of stitch markers. This is where the wedges go that increase the number of stitches.

The lovely lace leaves are beautiful.  And addictive. 

     I have three other WIP's that are now completely ignored. My Beacon Hill cardigan only needs sleeves, button bands and a collar but it will have to wait until later this summer or even September. My Avonlea MKAL  shawl has also been set aside. I've looked at the spoiler photos for the clues and I know I will continue knitting it, just not right now. And I cast on and knit the first two rows of my Any Way You Want It shawl, but haven't touched it since. Once Fogliame is finished, I'll pick it back up. Or maybe, I'll pick it back up this afternoon. Who knows. I usually try and force myself to finish my Camp Loopy projects quickly so I can relax the rest of the month and knit whatever I want.  We'll see what happens this month. This afternoon, I really need to ice a cake and then make a lasagna, since it is what the birthday girl has requested for supper.

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