Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Finish - Side Squiggles Sweater

      Finished Side Squiggles, my June Camp Loopy project, with a week to spare. Finished all the knitting on Wednesday and the seaming and sewing in ends last night. Floyd tried it on this morning and loved it. 
Put his hands right into the front pocket. And yes, he's still in pajamas.

Happy boy with his new sweater.

And silly Floyd.

Already several cars in the pocket.

Picture of the side squiggles.

Finally got it off him for some detail photos. Front pocket.

     Whole front. The squiggles go around the edge of the hood. My husband thinks it needs a patch/badge on the front. We'll see if I can find something. He suggested a dinosaur.

Love the squiggles on the back leading to the hood. 

     Overall, a good knit for a free pattern. I do like knitting sleeves separately instead of having the whole sweater on my lap while I knit them. I didn't really like how the short rows on the hood were worked but don't know enough about short rows to do something different. Yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash, Shire. I have almost 2 full balls leftover and am thinking of casting on this sweater for myself after receiving the latest Love of Knitting magazine yesterday. I'd need to buy a couple more skeins but totally worth it. (hey, knitting designers, put a leaf in your design and I'll probably want to knit it.)

Now I'm trying to finish up my Fogliame cardigan and Any Way You Want It shawl before casting on July's Camp Loopy project next Friday. 

Did you have any finishes this week?

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