Friday, June 3, 2016

More Knitting Progress

     I don't have any finishes to share this week, but I have been making good progress on my Camp Loopy project and my Fogliame cardigan, so I thought I'd share.

     June 1st, was the first day of Camp Loopy and I cast on the Side Squiggles for Floyd. I finished knitting the bottom border and the pocket flap before calling it a night. 

     I took it outside to knit yesterday after supper. The back of our house faces west so we have lots of sun late in the day. Above you can see the stitches I had to pick up behind the pocket to continue knitting in the round.

A bunny snuck into our yard to eat some of the birdseed the birds drop on the ground.

     By the end of day 2 I had done 8 more rounds. Have over 20 to go before I attach the pocket. That's one of my weekend goals.

     And Fogliame is still addictive but the rows are getting long. I have finished the first wedge section. There are almost 250 stitches. Two wedge sections left to knit. Both will add 90 stitches. That's over 400 stitches by the end. 

Still loving the leaves.

     And if I need a knitting break this weekend, I am currently reading 3 books. The one on top is due back at the library on Sunday, so.... I really should get off the internet.

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