Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Camp Loopy and Bullet Journal

     I was going to do a post yesterday about my Camp Loopy progress but after spending 90 minutes dealing with the cable/internet company, I didn't really have the energy or the right mood for blogging.  Feeling better today, so here we go.

     The Side Squiggles sweater is coming along nicely. I attached the pocket Saturday evening thanks to the hockey game going into overtime. Yesterday I finished the body.

     Today I will start the sleeves. Have my DPN's and a new ball of yarn ready. Kid sleeves are small so they shouldn't take me forever, right?

     And I've been totally distracted with starting a bullet journal. You can go here to learn about the original idea and "proper" way to use it. However, if you go on pinterest, instagram or YouTube you will see that people get very creative with their journals. I've tried other planners and ways of organizing over the years but have struggled to keep anything going for more than a few weeks. Bullet journals use my favourite thing - lists! I think I might be a little known for making lists and having one spot to keep them all is kind of exciting. I've taken some lists off my bulletin board and put them in here. I'm only on my second day of using it, but this might be what I've been looking for. The journal above was gifted to me for my birthday last year by my best friend. People use all kinds of journals, but most people seem to enjoy journals with dots instead of lines but so far I don't have any complaints using lined paper.

     Here is one list (or collection to use the proper term). It's a wishlist of some of the crafty things I would like to make this summer. It's divided into knitting, quilting and other.

     This is a list I had on my bulletin board - Christmas 2016. I'm not ashamed to say I start working on this list in January. I tried to cover up some of my ideas since some family reads this blog.

     I also created this "tracker" of how many times I did yoga, exercise and didn't drink pop this year. My goals for the year are at the top, along with what I did last year. The yoga and exercise took an early hit this year when I hurt my back at the end of January and I've struggled with the no pop the last couple months but I still have several months to go. 

      And here's a peak at my list for today. Things with an * are important, such as buy stamps. I still need to buy 2 birthday cards for nieces and Father's Day cards today so I can use the stamps my husband bought this morning. And since I took this picture, I fixed my daughter's piano bag so that dot has an "X" through it now and she's ready for lessons this evening. Once I publish this post, I'll get to put an x through "S2W1", which is my short form for the blog. "Family" means I need to do a post on our family blog. I had to add find an optometrist to the list after my glasses broke this morning. I've been wearing the same pair for almost 10 years (yeah, disgusting) and my back-up pair hurts my nose. 
     Does anyone else use a Bullet Journal? I haven't really gotten into drawing, doodling or using different colored pens like others and I'm not sure I will. I'll try to do another post in a month or so to see if I kept up with it.

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